Weekly news wrap-up: Trouble at Lindows and Lineo

By Grant Gross

It was a challenging week for a couple of Linux-related companies, Lindows and Lineo. Lindows, the company that’s promising to make Microsoft programs run on its Linux distribution, lost its business relationship with Codeweavers, a company actually making products that run Windows applications on Linux.
In a more expected Lindows-related move, Microsoft is appealing a judge’s refusal to grant an injunction against Lindows using its own name. Microsoft claims Lindows violates the Windows trademark. Meanwhile, Lindows is promising to release its SP2 OS in a couple of weeks.

Over at Camp Lineo, there are reports that the leading embedded Linux company has run out of money and has laid off 50 employees.

Sun knocks Linux on mainframes … again

When Shahin Khan, chief competitive officer at Sun Microsystems, knocked Linux on mainframes a couple of weeks ago, he raised a fuss. Well, he’s at it again, calling Linux on a mainframe “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Microsoft and Unisys anti-Unix site, the final chapter>

Our own Robin “Roblimo” Miller wraps up the story of WeHaveTheWayOut.com, part of a marketing effort by Microsoft and Unisys to get customers to switch to their products from Unix and Linux.

As you may know, the two companies first ran the site on FreeBSD, an Open Source Unix, and the Apache Web server. Then, when they switched to Microsoft’s IIS, script kiddies promptly found all kinds of security holes and crashed the site for a couple of days. Microsoft’s claim: Unix locks you into using high-priced sysadmins. Well, when pre-teens can obtain Microsoft certifications, and Microsoft can’t make its own Web server secure, maybe you want a competent sysadmin to run your important Web sites, don’t you think? Think of this whole episode as a real-life parable explaining the problems of using IIS.

Newly released

  • A beta-test version of Linux Mandrake 8.2 for the PowerPC platform has been released.

  • SashXB for Linux, a Web-based programming platform, was released by IBM this week.

  • Sharp has announced the availability of its Linux-powered Zaurus PDA.

  • theKompany.com has released the Aethera Beta 8 version of its messaging and groupware client for Linux.

    Newly reviewed

  • Robin reviews the new Mandrake 8.2 release and says its a great operating system, but MandrakeSoft has some funny ways of distributing it that may be bad for business. That prompted a note of disagreement from MandrakeSoft’s CEO.

  • One early review of KDE 3.0 says it “polishes the Linux desktop.”

  • David Cafaro reviews that Zaurus PDA and finds all kinds of potential, but a few problems mixed in.

    New at NewsForge/Linux.com

    Among the other stories we reported first this week:

  • Tina Gasperson reviews three sites that offer online Linux training.

    Stock news

    The Nasdaq ended the week at 1,770.03, down from 1,858.25 on March 31. The loss was blamed mostly on earnings reports from tech companies not Open Source-related, but that didn’t help our list of 11 stocks. Ten of them were down for the week, with only Apple posting a gain.

    Here’s how Open Source and related stocks ended this past week:

    Company Name Symbol 3/29 Close 4/5 Close
    Apple AAPL 23.67 24.74
    Borland Software Int’l BORL 13.01 11.78
    Caldera International CALD 1.591 1.32
    Hewlett-Packard HWP 17.94 16.99
    IBM IBM 104.00 97.25
    MandrakeSoft 4477.PA e2.60 e2.25
    Red Hat RHAT 5.709 5.01
    Sun Microsystems SUNW 8.82 8.71
    TiVo TIVO 5.30 5.00
    VA Software LNUX 1.70 1.43
    Wind River Systems WIND 13.59 12.88