February 5, 2001

Weekly news wrapup: Big tech loves Linux

Author: JT Smith

- by Grant Gross -

Linux was on display this week in New York, with huge cartoonish booths dominating the trade show floor at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. But some reports from the show floor questioned who dominated the conference, the suits or the geeks.

Indeed, the reports coming from LinuxWorld focused on big tech companies saying , and how the , not the Linux community.

Even the mainstream media got in the act, with sites like ABCNews.com. Heck, even Microsoft was at the show, about the main thorn in Microsoft's side. Doug Miller, the guy who was the spy, predicted that and interest from mainstream tech companies would wane by the end of the year. If he's not worried, he could've stayed home in Redmond.

Linux: The big business' friend

We'll check back on that prediction in 11 months, but for now, LinuxWorld was a virtual love-fest between Linux and the tech giants, sans Microsoft. IBM toward Linux development, above and beyond the $1 billion Big Blue had already committed. Intel , and he "push Linux and Open Source software to their limits." In what Inter@ctive Week called a "clear break of the tacit Intel/Microsoft alliance," Intel to the Open Source Development Lab.

Sun Microsystems , and Hewlett-Packard the default desktop on its HP-UX. Not to be outdone, Compaq products.

Those were just some of the deals announced at LinuxWorld, Mr. Miller.

A good year for greed

For those fans of the Recording Industry Association of America (and we know there are millions of you out there), the group's Hillary Rosen this week. The folks at RIAA think they had a very good year. Don't worry, Hillary, the fight's just begun, and reports are already coming in about .

New in NewsForge this week

OK, so we had a more than a dozen stories from LinuxWorld -- too many to list here. Here are a few:

Hardware reporter Jeff Field and was able to perform some quick benchmark tests on the pre-release 760MP board.

News editor Tina Gasperson's LinuxWorld journals were fun; here's and . Writer Eric Ries' observations from the floor also made readers laugh. Here's and .

Tina also checked out rumors about Applied Data Systems' sparse booth at the show, and of ADS's new sleep mode for StrongARM platforms.

Writer Julie Bresnick was fed and found a security expert who wondered whether the company's tools were worth the price.

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