April 16, 2001

Weekly news wrapup: Indrema shuts down Linux gaming console project

Author: JT Smith

- By Grant Gross

It was another bad news week for Open Source business models, at least for one high-profile Linux project. Indrema, which was putting together a Linux-based gaming and Internet console, announced Tuesday it was shutting down the project.

The decision followed several weeks of questions about Indrema being vaporware. NewsForge's own business columnist, Jack Bryar, commented on what an uphill battle the Indrema dream was. On Wednesday night, after the news had leaked, Indrema officials answered developers' questions about what was left of the project. NewsForge news editor Dan Berkes was there, and found out that most of Indrema's existing code won't be released.

Indrema wasn't the only Open Source business plan to go through changes this week. Embedded systems company ZF Linux Devices, which had recently changed its name to include the word "Linux" in it, changed its name again this week by taking Linux out. Apparently, fewer of the new ZF Micro Devices' customers were interested in Linux than the company originally thought.

On the other hand, another report had developer interest
in embedded Linux growing
at an "astronomical pace." From virtually no interest in using Linux in embedded systems in 1999, a survey found 38% of developers considering using embedded Linux for new projects.

Torvalds: I didn't comment on OS X

News reports last week had Linux creator Linus Torvalds ripping on Mac's OS X, but the mild-mannered tech genius responded by saying he was misquoted. Frankly, the reports that Torvalds said OS X's Mach microkernel was a "piece of crap" didn't sound like the Linus we all know and love (or at least think we know).

Microsoft: We're more secure

The only surprise should be the audacity of that statement, but Microsoft is really selling its development model as more secure than Open Source. According to Microsoft officials, nobody is reviewing Open Source code for security flaws. I know a couple of Linux security experts who might be offended at being called "nobody."

New in NewsForge

Stories only in NewsForge this week:

News editor Tina Gasperson reported on some problems IBM created while sponsoring a KDE themes contest. IBM did respond to KDE developer complains and fixed the contest.

Hardware reviewer Jeff Field looked at the 3Com 3C905TX-C network interface card and explained how easy it is to install.

Columnist Julie Bresnick talked to Jeroen van der Zijp about his Open Source FOX GUI toolkit and asked why it kind of looks like Windows.

Happy spring holiday of your choice, everyone.

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