February 15, 2008

Weekly Wire special: Linux.com quizzes new Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst (video)

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

Jim Whitehurst and I met at JBoss World in Orlando, Florida, on the morning of February 13, 2008, pulled up a couple of chairs, turned on the camcorder, and talked. This video is totally uncut. Our idea here is to give you a sense of the man in a way no text interview can.

There's no shortage of interviews with and stories about Jim floating around the Internet. Hit Google News with "Jim Whitehurst Red Hat" as your keywords and you'll get at least 25 of them, with more coming every day.

Whether you use Red Hat's services, avoid them for some reason or are totally neutral toward the company, there's no way to deny that it's a mega-important company in the Linux and FOSS world, which makes its CEO, by definition, a seriously important person in this little corner of the IT universe -- a corner Jim hopes he will be able to help expand like mad in coming years.

In any case, here's the video. Watch and listen for yourself and make your own judgement about whether Jim Whitehurst is going to be good at his new job.

Download Ogg Theora version


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