May 8, 2002

Western PA LUG Installfest this weekend

Zach Paine writes, Tux-fans: On Saturday, May 11, 2002, the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group will be hosting an installfest in Carnegie Mellon University's Newel-Simon Hall, room 1507. Anyone is welcome to come and get some help installing and configuring linux on their machines. There are a few requirements:
- It helps to bring your own power strip. We do have some to provide but not enough for everyone

- Either a cdrom drive, or a network card and a floppy drive are required for the installation.

- If you intend to do a network install, try to bring some ethernet cable.

- Try to bring a distro on cd. If everyone does this we will have plenty of cd's to go around and plenty of varieties.

- Come prepared with some basic knowledge of your system.

- $5 for pizza!

The meeting will run from 10am-5pm. Please try to arrive as early as possible. Some installs will take less than 30 minutes, but more complicated ones can take much more time. Try not to arrive to late and then expect to have your system up and running before 5. After all, by showing up early, not only do you get a nice new linux system, but also get to hang out with us cool geeks! Directions can be found on the wplug website. If you have any questions, email zman [at] wplug [dot] org.

See you there!!

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