February 21, 2002

Western Scientific unveils 1U 6-processor rack server

Author: JT Smith

tony writes: Western Scientific unveils 1U 6-processor rack server; computing system contains the most GigaFlops per cubic foot of any Linux Cluster solution in the industry.

Western Scientific, a leading manufacturer of data storage, networking and workstation solutions, announced today the SuperCluster, a six processor, 1U high rackmount server. The new system contains 3-times the amount of computing power when compared to today's standard 1U Intel based configurations.

With space being one of the utmost considerations when making a computer purchase, the new SuperCluster systems will now take up over 60% less space when compared with existing units and still perform the same function. On-board storage of up to 220 GB and 4.5 GB of RAM per node is available, as are SCSI and IDE configurations. The standard configuration of 40 1U nodes per 77' cabinet will remain the same.

"People using cluster technology for their performance computing needs, are running into critical issues like processor density, power requirements and physical space constraints. The SuperCluster was developed to provide a solution to those users needing more computing power while still meeting existing space constraints," said Jeff Johnson, Vice President of Engineering for Western Scientific. "With 240 processors in a 40U cabinet, the SuperCluster will now hold 33% more processors per U than other high-performance clustered computing solutions, with no loss of performance."

The SuperCluster uses only industry standard components, Intel® Pentium® III processors, and up to 4.5 GB of state-of-the-art SDRAM. Units are also configurable with up to three SCSI or IDE drives. Rugged backplane design guarantees easy upgradability.

For more information on the SuperCluster, please use the above contact information or visit Western Scientific's web site at www.wsm.com.

About Western Scientific
Western Scientific was founded in 1978 and provides custom-built computing clusters, RAID storage solutions, high-end UNIX, LINUX, Windows NT and SPARC workstations, and networking solutions for the public and private sector, both in the United States and abroad.

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