What is DevOps? Bridget Kromhout Explains


Bridget Kromhout can be found traveling and speaking at conferences on a variety of DevOps topics. She is a global core organizer for devopsdays and is on the program committee for Velocity in addition to organizing local tech meetups in Minneapolis. She is a Principal Technologist for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal and a host of the Arrested DevOps podcast.

Linux.com: Why are so many organizations embracing DevOps?

Bridget Kromhout is a Principal Technologist at Pivotal and core organizer for devopsdays.
Bridget Kromhout: Turns out software is a competitive advantage. As traditional enterprises consider the very real possibility of being “disrupted” (whatever that means in their context), they look for inspiration to the practices of high-performing organizations.

Linux.com: Why are individuals interested in participating?

Bridget: Shiny new tools are a typical draw because résumé-driven development is totally a thing. Once in this space, though, many of us find that better collaboration makes for a happier work life.

Linux.com: What’s the primary advantage of DevOps?

Bridget: DevOps offers the ability to collaborate across teams to reach the organization’s goals. Removing barriers allows for swift reaction to changing circumstances.

Linux.com: What is the overwhelming hurdle?

Bridget: Change is hard. The future may be here, but it’s not evenly distributed. Organizational fiefdoms, long-term contracts, and the classic fear-uncertainty-doubt combo all mean that a DevOps transformation is definitely going to be an ongoing journey, not a ticky box on this quarter’s to-dos.

Linux.com: What advice would you give to people who want to get started in DevOps?

Bridget: I’ve written extensively on this topic, but the short version is: join your local community. There’s probably a meetup or a devopsdays near you, and the DevOps community is replete with people who want to help and share.

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