What Lies Ahead for Python, Java, Go, C#, Kotlin, and Rust


As we enter 2019, we asked some of our O’Reilly authors and training course instructors for their thoughts on what’s in store for established players and fast-growing languages.


Python’s incredible growth over the past decade shows no signs of slowing. In addition to maintaining its position as the most popular introductory language for students, scientists, and knowledge workers, Python will continue its widespread adoption in web development, DevOps, data analysis, and machine learning circles. Matt Harrison, who runs the Python and data science training and consulting company MetaSnake (and is a frequent instructor of Python courses on the O’Reilly online learning platform), offers his take:

Python has traditionally been more focused on small data, but I think that as other tools that enable big data—such as Dask and flexible Python solutions on top of Kubernetes—continue to improve, we will see Python dominate in big data as well. I’m continuing to see large companies that have traditionally used Java or proprietary languages replacing those with Python.

In 2019, the Python community will cohere around Python 3, as maintenance for Python 2 will end on January 1, 2020

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