April 26, 2004

What Linux Doesn't Need

Chuck Talk writes "I am absolutely appalled at a quote that was attributed to a Goldman Sachs analyst in a recent article. I would give you the link to the story, but the author doesnt like links and expressly forbids same, so I respect that choice. The quote (which again, I can only paraphrase here) basically was calling for a disruptive virus to hit Corporate Enterprise Users desktops in order for Linux to gain a foothold on the desktop.

As a former antivirus company employee, I find such a call irresponsible, poorly timed and an affront to the community. On so many levels, such a call is, quite frankly, utterly wrong. Linux does not need any virus to disrupt end-users lives. Linux does not need any association with anyone writing viruses. Linux does not need anyone to call for people to write viruses to do such a thing to become an effective desktop.

Linux is effective today as a desktop no matter what anyone would have you believe. I have been using it quite effectively for some time now, and although I dual-boot for games, I dont miss Windows at all. What Linux needs to succeed is more hardware manufacturer uptake for pre-loading, more hardware manufacturer driver and associated application support and better marketing to the end-user."

Link: orangecrate.com


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