February 17, 2003

What the Linux World Needs Now

When I first got in touch with the Linux world - it was back in 1998 -, I started with an old Slackware distribution. Of course I cannot say it was a
wise choice for a beginner, and I soon moved to Red Hat, and then tried various SuSE, Mandrake and Debian flavours; now I am using this good Slackware
8.1. Everyone can see the Linux world has been making giant steps towards usability during the last five years. Applications have dramatically
improved, too, both in quality and quantity: OpenOffice, AbiWord, Mozilla, Evolution, Gimp are examples of packages allowing Linux to be used for
everyday work. So, is Linus Torvalds' creature now ready to conquer the desktop?

Link: osnews.com


  • C/C++
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