What Is Machine Learning?


Machine learning is one of the hottest trends in technology today. In fact, Gartner put machine learning at the peak of its most recent Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology. And the firm has predicted that by 2020, artificial intelligence (AI)technologies, including machine learning “will be virtually pervasive in almost every new software product and service.”

According to IDC, organizations will spend $12.5 billion on AI systems in 2017. That’s a huge 59.3 percent increase over 2016 levels, and the analysts say that spending will continue to grow at more than 50 percent per year through 2020. At that point, total AI revenue could top $46 million. David Schubmehl, research director, cognitive systems and content analytics at IDC, said, “Cognitive/AI systems are quickly becoming a key part of IT infrastructure and all enterprises need to understand and plan for the adoption and use of these technologies in their organizations.”

So what is machine learning? What is its relationship to artificial intelligence? And what should technology professionals know about its potential benefits and challenges?

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