February 14, 2008

What SCOsource was for

I think I've finally figured out what SCOsource was for.
I've been reading Novell's Motion for Summary Judgment on its 4th Claim for Relief and looking over the exhibits that SCO attached to the Brent Hatch Declaration in support of its sealed opposition to it, trying to understand both parties' positions, and I think neither has the story exactly right yet. So I thought it might be worthwhile to lay out all the evidence I could about SCOsource. That involves quite a few screenshots and links, so this will be a multi-part article. Part I will simply explain the difference between Unix Sys V and Unixware, such as it is and according to how I understand it, because we need to understand that in order to follow the twists and turns of the SCOsource offerings.

Link: groklaw.net


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