January 19, 2004

What should NewsForge cover at LinuxWorld?

Author: NewsForge Staff

Two of our editors, Lee Schlesinger and Robin 'Roblimo' Miller, will be at the New York LinuxWorld Conference & Expo this week. NewsForge is there on your behalf, looking at things you'd look at if you could come, asking the questions you'd ask if you could be there yourself, serving as your "eyes and ears" in the conference sessions and on the show floor. So tell us: What would you like us to cover at LinuxWorld?We can't possibly attend every conference, panel or keynote address, and we can't write in-depth articles about every new product and service that will be on display; there are simply too many of them. Before a major show like this one, we get deluged with email and phone calls from corporate PR people, all of whom are eager to schedule "executive briefings" or "exclusive interviews" that will boost their companies' latest whatever. We tend to avoid making advance commitments based on PR appeals; we could easily tie up every minute of our limited time being executively briefed -- and miss more important, but less publicized, announcements.

So if you were at LinuxWorld, who would you want to talk to? What would you ask them? What exhibits would you look at? We can't promise to get hold of every person you'd like us to meet or to write about every exhibit everyone mentions, but we'll certainly do our best. Please post your requests below.

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