October 28, 2003

What? Us Indemnify?

Chuck Talk writes
"Well, after quietly (okay, that is arguable, I know) financing the SCO Group litigation in an effort to halt the deployment of Linux. Microsoft is finding itself once again the target of litigation involving potential patent violations. This time however, the patents pending are in Australia, and involve the number one product from Microsoft, its lucrative Office Suite. Specifically, this case involves the Office Suite 2003 edition, just launched by Microsoft.

In this case, Microsoft customers are up against a freelance writer and developer for their platforms, Eric Wilson of Australia. Whilst he may be a single individual, he does claim to have a case against the software giant. Further, he has aligned himself with the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America and the SCO Groups tactics of deciding instead to bypass the software giant and seek settlements for what he has deemed to be piracy directly from end-users. As was stated in the article on The Age, he will pursue end-users for additional royalties and special conditions.


Link: OrangeCrate.com

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