What’s “Linux on the Desktop” Mean, When We Don’t Know What a Desktop Is, Anymore?


Article Source IT World

It’s typical, sensible, and useful for a conference wrap-up keynote address to look at the big picture, with session descriptions like, “Where Linux has been and where it’s headed.” At last week’s Open Source Convention, the role of identifying the major Linux trends and challenges was given to Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation.

First, there’s much to cheer about in the Linux and open source communities, Zemlin said, in every venue from mobile to high-performance computing. “Today, in the modern world, everyone uses Linux muliple times a day, even if they don’t know it,” he said. The economy is benefiting open source because of cost reasons; it’s expanding and accelerating existing trends. Even Microsoft is actively participating in Linux, and attending OSCON…

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