February 15, 2006

When the Ombudsman Becomes Part of the Story

Andy Updegrove writes "On December 12, Richard Chacon, the ombudsman of the Boston Globe, had this to say about an article by Steve Kurkjian that appeared in his paper, and which helped bring about the resignation of Peter Quinn as the CIO of Massachusetts: "I think you raise some reasonable questions about the Globe's stories concerning Peter Quinn (I had many of the same ones when I read Saturday's story that he was cleared in the investigation)….I have already sent a note to Steve asking for a chance to talk about the stories. I will offer a more detailed reply when I have some answers." That was over two months ago, and despite many calls and emails from many readers to Chacon, there's been no response of any type so far. The question is: Why?"

Link: ConsortiumInfo.org

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