April 2, 2007

When Will AIGLX Come For ATI?

Michael Larabel writes "For months now Radeon/FireGL owners have been wondering whether or not ATI Technologies / Advanced Micro Devices is actively working on AIGLX support for their official drivers or whether they will even support it with their binary fglrx drivers. It has now been longer for ATI to add support for AIGLX than it took them for official Radeon X1000 product support, which also received a great deal of negative scrutiny for the belated product support. The lack of AIGLX support has without a doubt caused many disgruntled Radeon owners and thus some believing the fglrx driver is evil. For some Linux desktop users the lack of AIGLX support is more severe than the performance problems found within the drivers (see One Year With ATI X1000 Linux Support). But the question remains, is ATI working on this support?"

Link: michaellarabel.com


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