December 29, 2000

When will Mom use Linux?

Author: JT Smith

A article asks the question. "Two years ago I was bold and naive enough to assert that my mother would be able
to switch to Linux by now. And if Linux were ready for her, I think there's a pretty
good possibility that she would do just that. You see, she, like so many other people
with years of experience being an end user, despises Windows. Once a month she
routinely sends a 10-page essay on her latest Windows escapade, which frequently
ends with something like 'and after 45 minutes on the phone with Compaq tech
support, they had me reinstall Windows and the problem seems to have gone away.'
She always jokes about being an old dog that can't learn new tricks, but given a
feasible alternative to Windows, I think she'd jump."


  • Linux
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