October 10, 2003

Where to find Linux jobs online

Author: Lee Schlesinger

You know Linux, and you believe in open source, but you still want someone to pay you to work for them. Where do you go online to find Linux jobs?

Start your search with the big jobs portals. Monster.com, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Dice.com, and your local newspaper's help wanted page all have plenty of jobs that require Linux experience.

There are a few job boards specifically for Linux, including Mojolin, BestLinuxJobs.com, HotLinuxJobs.com, and LinuxWebJobs. OpenSourceJobs.org is another place to try.
If you know embedded Linux, turn to the listings on LinuxDevices.com.

Some online job sites focus on Linux for specific countries. For instance, Germans can turn to DELinuxJobs.com, Italians to Linux Lavoro, and Australians to Linux Australia's job board.

Don't overlook your local LUG. Not all have job postings online, but they're an excellent place to start networking.

If your job search fails to bear fruit, don't despair. Keep your day job, but get involved with one of the thousands of projects on SourceForge. No, you won't get paid, but you'll gain valuable experience, make good contacts, and contribute something back to the open source community.

Have we missed your favorite Linux employment resource? Post it in a comment below.

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