October 17, 2001

Where's LinuxIsland?

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
LinuxIsland, the company that sprung up from the ashes of Linuxgruven, is
unreachable by phone, email, even by foot. Are they bunkered in, hiding from the latest anthrax threat?
LinuxIsland sells Linux certification training courses at $3,995 each, promising network admin jobs to students who pass the SAIR examinations, and soliciting Chicago area companies who want to make the switch to Linux networks.

Early last month, NewsForge reported that LinuxIsland was going through some
tough times financially. CEO Rob Walther even funded the payroll out of his
own pocket, for the employees who didn't get laid off. At that time, Walther
sounded optimistic about securing additional financing based on what he called the company's
solid business plan, saying, "We've told everyone to hold on, there's a bump
in the road, but we're not going to shut the doors. Just hang in there --
we're gonna get through this."

NewsForge has since received an anonymous tip that both offices in Illinois
were locked up; and our own calls to the Chicago and Lombard locations netted
a phone company recording stating that the lines had been disconnected, and no alternate number was given.

NewsForge has been unable to contact Rob Walther or his partner Ted Petersen,
either by email or telephone, to find out what is going on with LinuxIsland.
As of today, the company has not filed for bankruptcy, according to the records department of the Illinois bankruptcy court.


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