August 17, 2006

Which distro should I choose?

Borys Musielak writes ""Which distro should I choose" seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions on many Linux forums. A new Linux vortal tries to provide a universal answer. But there's much more to it. is a new Linux vortal which has just got out of the beta stage. Its main focus is to provide a step-by-step guide for new users who wish to try Linux but don't know where to start. The static content of the vortal has been divided into sections which can be seen as single steps on a way to get a working and usable GNU/Linux system.

The Choose OS part is dedicated to those users who are uncertain about which Linux or BSD distribution they should try. A fair comparison of all major free operating systems is available. It covers such things as the installation procedure, graphical configuration tools, security, stability or multimedia support. Here are a few sample comparisons: NetBSD vs OpenBSD, Mandriva vs Ubuntu, Gentoo vs Debian. For those who really can't make up their minds, there is a distro chooser - a simple 10-questions survey which results in pointing the top 5 distros that are most suitable for one's needs.

Next sections: Installation, First steps in GNU/Linux and Apps cover the typical problems people face during the installation, configuration and in normal, every-day use of a GNU/Linux system. The configuration is especially important. It includes:

  • installing software in GNU/Linux,
  • differences between Linux and Windows file systems,
  • use of console and root account,
  • basic networking.

Those tasks are known to cause many problems to the usual Linux converts, so it's good to have them covered in one place.

In a way, is a logical extension of webpage which concentrates on explaining what GNU/Linux is and why it is worth using. does not mess with the ideology so much, though. It's more practical in educating readers about the differences between MS Windows and the alternative operating systems as well as about the problems they may face if they decide to switch.

The static part of the vortal is targeted mostly at beginner users. However, articles published (original content only) cover much more than a typical newbie would need. What is interesting (almost) everyone can publish in the vortal. Authors of good articles can be paid, too.

The vortal is still in its infancy, but it already contains a fair amount of information. If it continues to grow as fast as it does, hopefully in the near future we'll be able to point all our friends who want to try Linux to polish their Linux knowledge at"


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