December 11, 2003

Who is DoSing SCO?

Author: Joe Barr

As a public service, we are launching a poll probe to try to learn the true identity of the villains behind the alleged DoS attack on SCO yesterday. This attack, if one has occured, has caused SCO to unplug its Web server from the Internet several hops before traffic destined for the site arrives at the server.

It has been suggested at Groklaw and elsewhere the true villain is none other than The SCO Group itself, either by mistake as a result of poor network administration or on purpose, acting out of desperation in hopes of eliciting support from honest businesspeople. We've kept that in mind in creating our poll, so Darl & company get the top spot among the choices provided.

Notorious villains from the centers and the fringes of the free software and open source communities are also provided as choices.
And if you don't like any of the choices given, tell us who you think is responsible in a comment.

The poll follows the text of the story. Remember to vote early and often. As good Internet citizens, we will tabulate the results and send them to The SCO Group when the poll is closed.


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