May 16, 2007

Who Leads The Real-time Linux ?

wedge.antilles writes "Think the open source community is all one big happy family? Think again.

Though real-time Linux is supposed to be a community effort, there is apparently some dissension over who is leading, who is forking and who is actually making a difference.

Executives at embedded Linux vendors MontaVista and Concurrent fired back at a Red Hat executive who claimed MontaVista isn't a real-time Linux leader and that embedded Linux vendor Concurrent is forking code.

"We absolutely do not want to distract from the broad efforts of the community in advancing real-time Linux," MontaVista CEO Tom Kelly told

"I think that quite frankly Red Hat has done a great disservice to the community by positioning themselves in a broad way that they are advancing real time on their own without building on the benefits of the community. They are today taking advantage of the ongoing efforts of the community.""



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