February 15, 2005

Why corporate culture should be tuned to employees

Author: Chris Preimesberger

It's one thing for managers to recruit and hire the right people for our departments, but it's quite another to keep our people satisfied in their jobs -- professionally, but also personally. You can find exactly the right person for a specific role within your company, then watch that role change drastically in a short time to
something nobody expected. More commonly, problems happen when management or key team members change and personality clashes result.

Managers need to realize that issues involving pay, benefits, and perks aren't usually the central reasons why good employees fly the corporate coop -- although those factors certainly are not to be discounted. They are indeed important. Most of the time, however, other reasons are to blame for good people going away, including lack of a supportive work environment, knowledgeable management, and good training opportunities.

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