July 28, 2015

Why Docker is Not Yet Succeeding Widely in Production

 Dockerâs momentum has been increasing by the week, and from that itâs clearly touching on real problems. However, for many production users today, the pros do not outweigh the cons. Docker has done fantastically well at making containers appeal to developers for development, testing and CI environmentsâhowever, it has yet to disrupt production. In light of DockerCon 2015âs âDocker in Productionâ theme Iâd like to discuss publicly the challenges Docker has yet to overcome to see wide adoption for the production use case. None of the issues mentioned here are new; they all exist on GitHub in some form. Most Iâve already discussed in conference talks or with the Docker team. This post is explicitly not to point out what is no longer an issue: For instance the new registry overcomes many shortcomings of the old. Many areas that remain problematic are not mentioned here, but I believe that what follows are the most important issues to address in the short term to enable more organizations to take the leap to running containers in production. The list is heavily biased from my experience of running Docker at Shopify, where weâve been running the core platform on containersfor more than a year at scale. With a technology moving as fast as Docker, itâs impossible to keep everything current. Please reach out if you spot inaccuracies.

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