Why Enterprises Are Flocking to Open Source


As the leader of an open source foundation, I have a unique perspective on the way open source technologies are catalyzing the digital transformation of enterprises around the world. More than half of the Fortune 100 is using Cloud Foundry. If you’re wondering why, there are two main reasons: one is the allure of open source, and the other is the strength of the platform itself.

Open and free

Open source is based on freedom. That freedom includes access to the source code, freedom to collaborate and, ultimately, the freedom to innovate. In open source, no one person or company owns a project. Open source is a philosophy and a movement, and what makes open source thrive is the community that grows up around it.

All participants in an open source ecosystem have the opportunity to shape and improve the software. Users can identify features they need and contribute code upstream. Everyone has a chance to make a difference.

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