July 16, 2009

Why GNOME Do Is Built With C#

Article Source LinuxPlanet

With all the recent heat generated about Mono and the C# language, it only seems appropriate to take a look at the issue from a programmer's perspective. There are a number of open source projects written in the C# language. Banshee, F-Spot and Tomboy are three of the most popular. F-Spot has even made it to the status of default photo management tool for several distributions including openSUSE and Ubuntu.

GNOME Do is a great example of open source software that started out as the pet project of one individual. In actuality, it began as the senior thesis project for David Siegel. David needed to come up with an idea for a software project that would embrace the development concepts of the open source community. Having most of his experience in the Mac world, he decided on building a Quicksilver lookalike for Linux...

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