October 6, 2014

Why the 'HP Way' Has Become the 'HP Ways'

Hewlett-Packard, one of the stronger American business juggernauts for 61 years in the 20th century, simply hasn't found the beginning of the next millenium all to its liking. The venerable Palo Alto, Calif.-based IT giant indicated Oct. 6 that it in order to survive in the new-gen economy following about 15 years of stumblebum business decisions made by turnstile C-level leadership, that it will break into two separate, publicly traded companies.

One, currently headquartered in Houston, Texas -- the former location for Compaq, which HP bought a decade ago -- will be called HP Inc.and continue to make PCs and printers. The second company, to be dubbed Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and will keep the corporate logo, will do what HP has always done: develop enterprise software, put together various solution packages and support both with specialized services. 

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