August 2, 2005

Why I am in love with Debian

Rollie Hawk writes "Ever since my initial exposure to Linux in the mid-90s, I've tried nearly every distribution I could get my hands on. Whether it meant spending cash for expensive boxed editions or putting my 33.6 kilobaud modem under days of stress to obtain CD images, I was always looking for another one to try out. But nothing ever seemed the perfect fit for my needs.

In all these years, I've been through my share of Linux installs. In fact, my office is absolutely littered to this day with outdated CDs containing and books covering Slackware, RedHat, Mandrake, SuSE, Caldera, and all of their assorted spin-offs. While I've used Linux distros in a variety of server solutions, I've never found one that I was comportable enough with to consider making it my primary operating system on my laptop and workstations.

At least, that is, until I met Debian."



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