April 10, 2008

Why I Can't Use Flash for Game Development

Author: JT Smith

People everywhere love Flash. It has become the Webââ¬â¢s de facto standard for all manner of interfaces. From simple menus to full-blown games, you can bet that Flash is there. It has been called one of the best prototyping tools available, and game designers love it because they donââ¬â¢t need to be computer science graduates to use it. Most people browsing the web today have a Flash plugin installed, making it a fairly ubiquitous platform. With all of these things going for it, why wonââ¬â¢t I use it? Because if I canââ¬â¢t even watch YouTube videos without it crashing Firefox on my Ubuntu system, then it canââ¬â¢t be that ubiquitous.

Link: gbgames.com


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