May 4, 2005

Why IT managers should pay attention to cell phone security

Author: Paul Korzeniowski

They have become ubiquitous in companies large and small; it seems like every employee now carries a cell phone or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), and many are issued by the IT department. While the devices can help a busy executive complete a quick call while driving to his next meeting or walking to a conference room, cell phones present IT departments with noteworthy security challenges.

"Hackers look for big payoffs; they concentrate on accessing devices that have low levels of security but store important information," said Bob Egan, president of consulting firm Mobile Competency Inc..

Currently, cell phones fit that description. As cell phone usage has increased, so have their capabilities. These systems are no longer used simply for voice communications; increasingly, they support text messaging, email, Web surfing, and even video transmissions. As a result, users now use these devices to access important data, such as sales information or product delivery data.


  • Security
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