February 18, 2004

Why Lindows Is Not a Winning Name

Either you own a name outright, or you share it with others. Naming is a serious marketing issue, and rules of naming are a must, resulting in names
that work like marketing weapons. Smart companies now know this.

On this small planet, there is room for only one Yahoo, one Google and one Apple. After all, Yahoo takeoff YOOHOO failed, and online search engine
Booble is now facing a court battle with Google.

There is also room for only one Windows, Microsoft's giant global brand, despite the recent court ruling in Linux vendor Lindows' favor. After a
prolonged battle between Microsoft and Lindows over use of the Lindows brand name, a grand jury in U.S. District Court in Seattle declared Windows to
be a generic term.

Lindows -- and, by extension, the Linux community -- may enjoy this victory, but the name play wasn't necessary.

Link: linuxinsider.com


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