June 15, 2005

Why major retailers are taking baby penguin steps with Linux

Author: Jay Lyman

The Linux mascot is a creature known for its mob mentality. Penguins as a
group push each other, and then follow the first few birds into the water
when it is time to jump -- or in the case of a waiting orca, not jump.
Major electronics and PC retailers, such as Fry's and Wal-Mart, may
be ready to do the same, based on the success or failure of new Linux
sections and staff in stores of the smaller, Midwest-based chain Micro Center.

Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony
told ITMJ that his Linux software company is looking
forward this summer to what might be the biggest break yet for retail
Linux: trained sales support and an array of Linux desktops and
notebooks, with a goal of having the Linux departments in all 20
Micro Center locations by the end of July.

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