Why Open Source Is Good for Business, And People


The open source world isn’t defined by geography, nor are the communities within it. Open source communities are defined by sharing attitudes, interests, and goals, wherever their participants are. An open source community spans locations, political affiliations, religion, and life experience. There are no boundaries of company, country, or even language. People from all backgrounds with diverse perspectives can get involved. And they do.

It’s this very diversity that makes a healthy community thrive — diversity of thought, diversity of experience, and diversity of opinion. All of these elements make us stronger by giving us opportunities to solve problems together, in the spirit of collaboration….

Open source diversity is good for business. But I’d argue that being part of an open source community is good for you as a human being. Learning to collaborate, to listen to others, to embrace diversity, can make you a better person. When you adopt kindness as a guiding principle, you’re compelled to reflect on the words you use and the promises you make. It makes you more mindful. And when you can let go of the need to always be right, you might even learn and grow.

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