Why Open Source Isn’t Succeeding

There was a time early in the dawn of computers where .edu’s and .orgs co-mingled ideas and thoughts via IRC and newsgroups in a conducive and non-proprietary way. The great ideas that were born from this still thrive today in the form of RFC’s, Internet Standards, Protocols, and other surges of genius that sprung from these beginnings. Lately however, certain things have begun to become apparent. Proprietary software vendors have locked the advancement of technology. This is to be expected. But the open source movement is in full swing to counteract that. The only problem with the open source movement is that it isn’t succeeding in fully counteracting this huge pendulum that has swung in opposition to multi-source, multi-national technological advancement for the gain of mankind (not company kind). Instead, open source has begun to push the stone uphill on it’s own without assistance from the VERY companies that take from it.

Link: linuxblog.sytes.net