Why Open Source Is Like a Team Sport


As director for Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) — a role she alternatively describes as coach, nerd matchmaker and diplomat — Heather Kirksey oversees and provides guidance for all aspects of the project, from technology to community and marketing. At the recent Linux Foundation Open Source Leadership Summit, she headed up a session titled “Open Source as a Team Sport” with and OPNFV’s Chris Price and OpenStack’s Jonathan Bryce. …

Superuser sat down with Kirksey to ask her more about the parallels between hockey and open source. She tells us why the brutality of hockey is a good metaphor for open source, about leveling the open source playing field for women and how you can get involved with OPNFV.

Of all the team sports, hockey is one of the most violent, right?

Why do you think I like hockey? I like my sports with a side of brutality…In most sports there are tensions that flare up and sometimes it can get raw and there are fisticuffs. At the end of the day, you need to come together because you’re trying to accomplish a goal.

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