Why Python Is a Crucial Part of the DevOps Toolchain


DevOps is a way of thinking; it’s an approach, not a specific set of tools. And that’s all well and good – but it only gives you half the picture. If we overstate DevOps as a philosophy or a methodology, then it becomes too easy to forget that the toolchain is everything when it comes to DevOps. In fact, DevOps thinking forces you to think about your toolchain more than ever – when infrastructure becomes code, the way in which you manage it, change it is constantly.

Skills Up survey: Python is the primary language used by those working in DevOps

Because DevOps is an approach built for agility and for handling change, engineers need to embrace polyglotism. But there’s one language that’s coming out as a crucial component of the DevOps toolchain — Python. In this year’s Skill Up survey, publisher Packt found that Python was the primary language used by those working in DevOps. Indeed, it was a language that dominated across job roles – from web development to security to data science – a fact which underscores Python’s flexibility and adaptability. But it’s in DevOps that we can see Python’s true strengths. If DevOps is a modern, novel phenomenon in the software world, it’s significant that Python is the tool that DevOps practitioners share as a common language.

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