Why should software be free?

Anonymous Reader writes “Linuxlookup.com has a pretty good article up on free software, here’s a sniplet:

“Yes, why should it? For the 19 years of my existence in the world, I have seen nothing but copyrighted software. Ah, copyright. That’s the first word they teach in Journalism school; that is the first thing we learn in ‘programming classes’. I have done all the hard work, writing the software, spend countless sleepless nights pondering over bugs, why shouldn’t I be paid for my efforts? Why should I let people have it for free? There’s no such thing as free lunch or free beer or free world. We are all slaves. Yes, slaves of the new World. A world that begins and ends in computers.”

“For the Star Trek literate, this is the world of The Borg. Collective consciousness. We are a part of the hive. “Buy this [proprietary name here] software”, says the queen. She doesn’t have to order. There’s no resistance.””

Link: linuxlookup.com


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