Why Stupid Politicians and Technology Equal Trouble

LinuxCult.com writes “If you happen to be the manager of anything remotely important, you’re under a good deal of pressure at all times, and sometimes you lose your cool. It’s one thing to misunderstand the technology that runs your city’s website. We could even understand getting a bit upset due to such a misunderstanding. It is, however quite unacceptable to blow a gasket at the WRONG PERSON, then slam the person when they turned out to be correct. That’s what happened last week in the town of Tuttle, Oklahoma. City manager and self-proclaimed genius Jerry A. Taylor managed to make a utter fool of himself in front of the whole world by misunderstanding a piece of technology his city utilized, screaming at the wrong person, then continuing to slam that person when it turned out they were right. When stupid politicians and technology mix, the results are never good.”

Link: linuxcult.com


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