December 19, 2014

Why You Should Care About The New Open Source .NET Core

Open sourcing .NET to take it cross platform means shifting to a modular design that Microsoft can develop in an agile way; and that means a better .NET. But making sense of the change means thinking about both the new technology and the strategy that’s behind it.

Why We Need .NET Core And What You Get From It

Twelve years since the release of the first .NET framework, developers have ended up with multiple, fragmented versions of .NET for different platforms. From the .NET Compact Framework to Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows Store applications, every time Microsoft has taken .NET to a new platform, the supposedly ‘common’ language runtime has ended up with a different subset: each time, there’s a different runtime, framework and application model, with different development being done at each layer and APIs that go back to a common code base but haven’t always stayed common.


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