August 14, 2003

WiFi Play Day

If you are interested in broadband wireless for your home, business, your
neighborhood, or want to learn more about the technology, join us at the
Virginia Center for Innovative Technology building on Saturday, August 23.

We're taking over the ground floor of the Virginia Center for Innovative
Technology building in Herndon, VA for the day.

Linux is not the only bottom-up killer development today. Think WiFi.
We'll have homemade antennas, Linux and FreeBSD laptops, OS X, Soekris,
hostap stuff will be there along with the professional gear.

Classes in the morning and afternoon, demonstrations, lots of equipment
ranging from simple home wireless LAN to complete FCC-certified systems.

A number of our CAWNet members will be there for the day with the gear
they use, much of it set up and operation, to show off the various things you
can do with WiFi and answer your questions one-on-one. Security questions
will be addressed by WiFi experts.

There will be people there to show how to set up your laptop for WiFi at
Starbucks, McDonalds, free hotspots, etc., how to set up a home wireless
network (WLAN), also people who provide broadband Internet access for their
neighborhoods or their communities, and we expect a couple of cellular experts
who can talk about the differences between WiFi and the growing variety of
data services available from the cellular carriers.

All are welcome to come for all or part of the day, no charge. If you are
interested, please RSVP to, so we can plan properly.

MCI, YDI, and Spectrum Access are our corporate sponsors for the day.


9:00 - building opens, people start bringing in their gear, setting up,
testing. At 9:30, people setting up gear will be treated to coffee,
soft drinks, bagels, donuts.

10:00 - Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post will kick off the day with an
intro to WiFi, its importance, and where it appears to be going.

10:30 - Browse the 15 tables of equipment, displays, demonstrations,
get an idea of who and what equipment is there -- the tables will
be open until 4:00 p.m.

11:00 - YDI President and CTO, Michael F. Young, will give an one-hour
introduction to RF fundamentals, and useful radio terms and
concepts applicable to WiFi.

12:00 - lunch break

1:00 - YDI class on Outdoor and Long Range WiFi and Wireless LAN systems.

2:00 - YDI class on Bandwidth Control for Wireless Systems

In the afternoon, there will be ongoing mini-lectures to show how Spectrum
Access provides broadband wireless service in the CIT building, and some
of the more interesting equipment relating to WiFi.

The CIT building itself is connected to the Internet via wideband wireless,
and public spaces in the building have 802.11b WiFi available; it will be
free for you to try out during the day.

Wireless Internet access providers will be there, such as Middleburg
Online, the oldest wireless Internet service provider we know of in
northern Virginia, and small entrepreneurs and people who provide WiFi
highspeed Internet access to their communities, many of which cannot
get either DSL or digital cable.

We'll have 15 banquet tables with gear, many of them live demos, ranging
from the simplest home WLAN to neighborhood and community broadband
access services, also several professional gear demos, antennas and
outdoor amplifiers, sniffers, bandwidth managers, network management, etc.

The CIT building is located at the Dulles Airport Toll Road and Route 28.
For directions see

Remember, Saturday, August 23, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Free event.

Email if you plan to attend.

CAWNet is a nonprofit, volunteer group working toward the
development of free and low-cost wideband wireless Internet
access in the Greater Washington DC area.

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