November 15, 2004

Wiki-based market place

Marcus Schiesser writes "Molimo releases a market place that is inspired by a wiki. The market place is free to use, the software is open source and the wiki database is released under the free GNU document license. is a wiki based product catalogue and market place. This means you can add or change product descriptions, make comments on products, add points-of-sale for these products, contact other market participants and much more.
Unlike other known market places this one is built using a wiki. In a wiki everyone may change everything. A new wiki software has been programmed for fitting the special needs of the structure of products. This software is released under the open source GPL license.
Everyone may change every product description and as the resulting product catalogue is released under the free GNU document license it is owned by the community that has built it.
This all makes a really open market place. And unlike commercial market places, no fees are requested to participate. is available at"


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