April 19, 2007

Wiki-based Software Guide, ITerating.com, Launches

Anonymous Reader writes "Founder of sourceforge.net, Former Microsoft VP Join as Advisors and Investors to New Software-Comparison Site

April 18, 2007, New York, New York – ITerating.com, the first Wiki-based directory of open source, commercial and hosted software, announced today its worldwide availability at www.ITerating.com. The site is the ultimate reference guide for the IT industry and includes reviews, ratings, articles, and detailed product feature comparisons. ITerating.com uses Semantic Web tools (including RDF) to combine user edits with Web service feeds from other sites.

“The software industry is broad, diverse, and constantly changing,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, Founder and CEO, ITerating.com. “To offer comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date information, a Wiki-based model is the only choice.”

Designed for use by developers and industry consultants alike, ITerating.com allows users to easily contribute to popular categories such as Software Engineering Tools;
Website Design & Tools; Website Software Tools; Website & Communication Applications & Social Networking; or to create their own category if does not exist yet.

ITerating.com encourages contributors to be bold, by editing existing products if it’s apparent that there isn't enough information in a particular "data sheet". Nothing can be ‘broken’ because it can be improved or fixed at any time. If a favorite product is not listed, contributors can add by clicking the [Add product] link on the homepage. Contributors can invite other users to rate entries, giving them a chance to be included in the ‘Top Rated Products’ section.

Larry Augustin, founder of VA Software, parent company of open source repository site sourceforge.net, and Brian Roberts, former Corporate Vice President of Corporate Development at Microsoft, have joined to support ITerating.com as advisory board members and investors. Coming from opposite sides, these industry leaders recognize that the technology community needs a single repository for commercial, open source and hosted software.

“Nothing like ITerating.com exists on the Web today,” said Larry Augustin, venture investor and open source evangelist. “It’s one of these ideas that seems so obvious once you see it – an obvious need in the industry.”

“In response to its customers, even Microsoft today has to address the issue of open source, best demonstrated by its investment to increase interopererability between Linux and Windows,” added Brian Roberts, Senior Managing Director of Evercore Partners. “ITerating.com supports healthy competition among different companies and solutions by making things more transparent. Ultimately, everyone benefits.”

About ITerating.com
ITerating.com is the first Wiki-based software guide, where IT professionals can find, compare and give reviews to thousands of software products. Founded in October of 2005, and based in New York, ITerating.com was created by CEO Nicolas Vandenberghe, who saw that there was an industry need for a comprehensive resource to help evaluate software solutions. All the content in ITerating.com is covered by the Creative Commons and contributions (rating, reviews, text) remain the property of their creators. For more information, visit www.ITerating.com."

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