May 29, 2002

Will Amiga Inc. divide the POP/PPC market?

Eric Llewellyn writes, "Amiga Inc have announced that their forthcoming AmigaOS4 will not run on common POP/PPC hardware. Instead, in order to run AmigaOS any POP/PPC mobo has to be licensed by Amiga Inc, it must provide "anti-piracy measures" by additions to its firmware, its distributor must also be licensed and the distributor must sell his mobos bundled with AmigaOS.

Current and potential AmigaOS users are of course up in arms over having a software company like Amiga Inc depriving them of hardware options for no technical reason, but an unnecessary division of the PPC market into a "POP" and a "POP for AmigaOS" part will of course affect users of other PPC operating systems as well, like Linux. The POP/PPC market needs every user it can get to boost development and reduce prices, so users and developers of LinuxPPC, AmigaOS and others are currently trying to sway Amiga Inc with a petition."


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