Will Containers Replace Hypervisors? Almost Certainly!


After OpenStack, the number one topic that I get asked about these days is containers and their prospects for the enterprise and cloud-native applications. The prospect of containers replacing hypervisors such as VMware ESX or Linux KVM (the default for most OpenStack deployments) is of keen interest to many. Yet, there is confusion. Many people can’t distinguish the difference between containers and VMs. Still others like to wave the security boogeyman in favor of VMs, believing that containers can’t be secure.

Lost in all of this is a proper understanding of not only what a container is at the infrastructure layer, but also what it can be in the future with relatively trivial updates. Also lost is an understanding of the value of traditional hypervisors such as VMware ESX, which is rapidly fading. From my perspective the day of the VM is fading and it’s only a question of how fast the change occurs.

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