June 20, 2012

Will Google's Tablet Arrive Next Week?

Android logoThings are really heating up in the tablet arena, and it looks like the next big story is going to be Google's own tablet, purportedly to be called "Nexus." Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has confirmed that it is coming, as has an Asus representative, according to Android Authority. Asus is reportedly the manufacturing partner behind the tablet. Now, there are strong signs that the tablet will be announced at next week's Google I/O conference.

So far, most reports around the web have Google delivering a 7-inch tablet that will run the Android Jelly Bean mobile OS.  Many sites are also citing the price for the tablet at between $199 and $249, which would make it less expensive than iPads and most Android tablets.

At that price point, the Google tablet might also be much less expensive than Microsoft's new Surface tablets. Announced this week, Microsoft's tablets are notable for the fact that Microsoft will do its own manufacturing, which could potentially allow the company to keep prices low. However, prices aren't set yet for the first two Surface tablets that Microsoft has announced.

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