February 11, 2004

Will Linux be blamed again by the media?

Anonymous Reader writes "When the latest worm (I-Worm.MyDoom.a) started its way across the internet late last month, the media (at least a part of it) was quick to point fingers, blaming the virus on Linux activist, or as they put it "internet zealots". With the original MyDoom virus attacking and brining down the website of the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), the company whose sole purpose is to end Linux and Open Source, it's easy to see how some news reporters were quick to jump to such an assumption.

Now that the latest variants of the MyDoom (I-Worm.MyDoom.b and Worm.Win32.Doomjuice) worm have attacked Microsoft, is the media once again going to blame the Open Source community? It would be my guess that since Microsoft owns and partners with several news agencies, Linux users
would get the blame. That's my guess. Read more..."

Link: overclockersclub.com


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