February 11, 2004

Will the REAL SCO Group please stand up?

Chuck Talk writes "The oddities involved in financial markets are such that it is very easy to become bewildered when trying to determine the actual players in any business venture. Although there is legal precedence within the marketplace that would deny the practice of someone calling their company Exxon-Mobil, IBM, PepsiCo or even Novell, there seems to be no such limitations within the financial industry.

Given that the SCO Group are so well known as a pariah within the software industry you would be hard-pressed to believe that any company would willingly take on that mantle or moniker for their own usage. However, their does seem to be just such a case, and I only became aware of it when I made an error in providing a link within one of my earlier stories.

That error was simply in providing a link to The SCO Group which is simply not the same as The SCO Group. Are you confused yet? If so, dont worry, you probably are in good company by now. The fact that they have chosen to use the same name is alone enough to make you wonder what the two have in common."

Link: orangecrate.com


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