February 25, 2004

Will Red Hat Take Linux to Enterprise Heights?

In North America, "Red Hat" has long been synonymous with "Linux." In the past few years, the company has shifted its emphasis to its "Enterprise
Linux" line, which includes a workstation edition, a small-to-midlevel server offering, and a high-end edition able to run on anything from high-end
x86 gear to mainframes.

The middle point in the company's Enterprise Linux line is Red Hat Enterprise Server (ES). ES is meant to pull duty as a basic departmental-level or
edge server. It is limited to x86 hardware and, unlike its more costly sibling (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server), it isn't meant to exceed a
2-way system with 8 GB of main memory.

Red Hat ES ships as either a collection of downloadable ISO images (available through the Red Hat Network) and a less robust support package called
the "Basic Edition," or as a media kit with CDs and an installation guide with more support called the "Standard Edition." The Basic Edition is priced
at $349, the Standard Edition $799. Red Hat Linux 9 customers, who may still be feeling burned by the company's decision to end-of-life the product
this April, can receive half off the price of each for the next two years.

Link: itmanagement.earthweb.com


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