September 20, 2005

Win4lin And Versora Team Up

netraverse writes "Versora and Win4Lin Announce Complete Linux Desktop Migration and Virtualization Toolkit

Bundled Software Package Automates the Data, System and Application Settings Migration from Windows to Linux Allowing Windows Applications to Run on Linux

Santa Barbara, CA & Austin, TX – September 20, 2005 – Versora and Win4Lin announced today the availability of “The Complete Linux Desktop Migration and Virtualization Toolkit”. The bundled software package includes Versora’s Progression Desktop which automates the migration of data, application and system settings from Windows desktops to Linux as well as Win4Lin Pro, which runs Windows 2000/XP applications and OS on Linux.

“A bundled migration and virtualization toolkit makes sense for individuals and organizations who want to move off Windows to Linux, but have trepidations about the new environment,” notes Versora CEO Mike Sheffey. “You can now migrate all desktop data and settings from Windows to Linux while using the same Windows applications you rely on that aren’t supported by Linux.”

Genesis for “The Complete Linux Desktop Migration and Virtualization Toolkit” stemmed from customer feedback that expressed a desire for a seamless transition from Windows to Linux which was perceived to be lacking. Survey results indicated that the most important components of a seamless transition included the ability to run Windows applications on Linux and the need to automate the migration of data, application and systems settings from the original Windows machine.

“We feel that this Linux migration and virtualization toolkit will go a long way in the adoption of Linux,” said Win4Lin Vice President of Business Development Mark Hinkle. “In essence, an individual’s new Linux desktop will be the same as the old Window’s machine – even down to the wallpaper, sounds and keyboard settings.”

“The Complete Linux Desktop Migration and Virtualization Toolkit” is available for electronic download at and for $99 per license.

About Versora

Versora is a leading provider of Windows to Linux migration solutions. Versora offers software and professional services that enable and accelerate enterprise Linux adoption. Solutions that Versora offer include Linux mail and collaboration migration from Microsoft Exchange servers, Linux database migration from Microsoft SQL servers, Apache web server migration from Microsoft IIS web servers, and Windows to Linux desktop migration. For more information about Versora, visit

About Win4Lin

Win4Lin is the leader in technology for creating Windows-onl-Linux virtualization solutions. With Win4Lin Virtual Computing Environment (VCE), the company supplies Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions and desktop users with solutions that allow them to run the Windows operating system and Windows applications on Linux in true Windows sessions. For more information about Win4Lin and its products, please visit"

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